Waffles Are the Best Thing to Happen to Sandwiches Since Sliced Bread

waffle breakfast sandwichWaffles, I think your moment has arrived! Jack in the Box just announced a new menu item: The breakfast waffle sandwich. It's sausage, a fried egg, and a cheese slice between two maple syrup-flavored waffles. It's like everything you'd want to eat for breakfast on a plate with a fork and knife -- only now you can hold it all in your hand! And drive, or text, or whatever it is you do that keeps you from sitting down and enjoying a more civilized breakfast.

But forget being civilized, let's talk about waffles. Because using waffles instead of bread for a sandwich is brilliant. For starters, there are all those little holes that can hold extra sauce and fixings. Also? Waffles are yummy. But Jack and his box aren't the only ones craving waffle sandwiches. Check out these others.


Fried chicken and waffle sandwich: You've heard of that Southern classic, fried chicken and waffles? Check out the Bay Area's Soul Groove fried chicken and waffles sandwich. Between two maple waffles, they put chicken breast that's been wrapped in bacon, then buttermilk battered and "Southern fried," and they top it all with maple barbecue sauce and jalapeno coleslaw. Obviously I need to move to the Bay Area immediately so I can marry that sandwich and live happily ever after.

Or I could just make Food Network's "Hotlanta" style chicken and waffles sandwich. If only it didn't look like so much work! Well anyway, plenty of other places make a waffle and chicken sandwich -- like Waffle House.

Have you heard of the "Tacone" -- you know, a taco made with a waffle cone? Of course that exists. Why wouldn't it? Nothing says "drunken Belgians in Cancun" like the tacone. But actually it's the invention of a food blogger who mixed up his own corn flour battle for the cone. Bet it won't fall apart as quickly as a real hard-shell taco does.

And for dessert: Nutella waffle sandwich cookies. Yes, please! It's cookie dough cooked on a waffle grill and then filled with Nutella. I love this idea.

Have you ever eaten a waffle sandwich?

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Image via Jack in the Box 

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