Pizza Ads That Hint at Rape Slogan Aren't Making Us Hungry

artisan pizza pieIf you watch even a modest amount of television, you've probably noticed the new Domino's ad campaign. Competing against an influx of trendy gourmet pizza chains, they seem to want to trade in the commonly held opinion that they're conveyor belt "fast food" for a shiny new rep that can only be described with buzzwords like "fresh," "hand-crafted," "artisan," blah blah blah. Unfortunately, some of the other language they've employed recently has been anything but appealing to many customers ...

In a new ad, the chain is using the tagline, "No Is the New Yes," which is being said to look like a contradiction to "No means no," the slogan utilized by anti-rape campaigns. Of course, Domino's is just trying to say that customers should get used to hearing them say "no" when they ask to customize their new range of pizzas ...


The rest of the ad reads:

The one thing they don't come with? The option to add different toppings. Why? Our chefs created each of our four Artisan pizzas with the ideal combination of ingredients to produce the most distinctive, delicious flavors possible. It's not easy for us to say "no." But, we're doing it for all the right reasons.

Alright, so we get it, but what I don't get is why Domino's felt they had to go such a confusing, potentially offensive route that isn't even doing what it's supposed to: Make us want to eat the new pizzas! Even if it didn't sound like a shady take on the anti-rape slogan "No means no," this "our way or the highway"-style campaign really does nothing to stoke a customer's appetite. The company would have been much better off sticking to the vibe of their previous, mouthwatering campaign in which they touted their use of cheese from American dairy farms and tomatoes ripe off the vine.

Honestly, as someone who has had her fair share of some of the best pizzas in the country -- from my native Chicago deep-dish to piping hot wood-burning oven pies in Brooklyn -- I'm not a pizza snob. I wouldn't mind taste-testing one of these new Artisan pies ... if only Domino's would telling me why I'll love them instead of just telling me "No."

Are you offended by this new slogan? Do you wish Domino's would have made the ad campaign more about the pizzas themselves?


Image via eyeliam/Flickr

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