'Second-Cheapest Wine' Is What We All Secretly Want to Order (VIDEO)


second cheapest wineLike to drink wine but can't blow a lot of coin on it? Can't taste the difference between Pino Whonow or Chardonnwhy? THIS is your ultimate face-saving line: "I'll have your second-cheapest wine." Yes, thanks to a brilliant new video by College Humor parents like me who spend most of their disposable income on Legos these days can still order wine with dignity.

Because we all know we shouldn't order the cheapest, cheapest wine, right? It tastes like angry grape juice that got left inside a 1978 Chevy during a heat wave. If you're going to order the cheapest wine why not just get a beer? Check out this hilarious "infomercial" to learn more.

Ohhh, I can relate. I mean, I know wine kinda-sorta well. I've splurged on a good bottle. Well, to be more accurate -- other people have splurged on good bottles and shared them with me. I know what the good stuff is supposed to taste like.

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And I know the bad stuff. Do I ever know the bad stuff. I have strolled the hallowed halls of Trader Joe's and sampled the beverage known as "Two Buck Chuck." (Actually, I think it's up to $3 or $4 now.) It does not go well with the chicken.

But that's not a cheapskate's only choice! There's plenty of perfectly tasty wines out there that aren't expensive at all if you just know what you're doing. Sometimes you just want a (puts hand over mouth) cheap wine to glug with your mid-week pasta dinner. Because it's Thursday and sometimes Thursdays are hard. Not $45 bottle hard, just $9 rose hard. Know what I mean? 

What's the cheapest wine you'll buy?


Image via College Humor


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hotrd... hotrdumommy

I love Barefoot wine and sometimes I'll get a wine that has a nice bottle to it. My favorite line in that clip is the woman at the restaurant that goes "Yep, that's wine".

choli... cholita1978

I like Bella Sera, Barefoot, Ecco Domani, Cavit

nonmember avatar Kay

I like Lindeman's Merlot.... about $7 at the grocery store. I know what bad wine tastes like and what pretty good wine tastes like. All I can afford is something 'just above decent'.

paige... paige8608

Gallo white merlot...like $9 for a big ass bottle. So many fond memories...lol. 

Bobby Dias

A few pills can solve your problems forever.

momma... mommaoftwo

my favorite was menage a trois rose, but they don't make it anymore

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