Starbucks at a Funeral Home Isn’t Sad, It’s Genius

funeral homeWhen someone you love passes away and you attend their services, do you ever think to yourself: A latte would really hit the spot right now! Well you're in luck, under-caffeinated mourner. Robinson Funeral Home in Easley, South Carolina is building a Starbucks-style coffee shop attached to the home. They will sell coffee and food to mourners and anyone else who happens by.

That funeral director is crazy. Crazy like a fox! Do you know how I even heard about this story? Someone tweeted a link and said, "I could have used an iced macchiato at my grandmother's funeral." Not to mention: Cake.

Maybe we don't have enough coffee shops. Maybe there are other brilliant, untapped, perfect locations for a cup of Joe.


Playgrounds: How many times have I shivered on a chilly playground, wishing someone would sell me a hot cup of coffee. Or melted in the hot sun wishing I could get an iced coffee. We get vendors selling hot dogs, soda, Italian ices -- where is the freakin' coffee? It's what parents need most.

Campgrounds: I would like camping a lot better if there were good coffee. Also if it never rained. And if there were clean bathrooms. And mattresses. And a hotel.

School: Not for the kids! For the teachers, of course, and for parents doing drop-off and pick-up. Say goodbye to your kid, get a cup of coffee, chat a few minutes. 

Church: Oh wait, they're already doing that.

Dentist's office: You're waiting around there forever -- might as well serve you some coffee, too. And then the dentist whitens your teeth for an extra fee. Winning! I can see this working in doctors' offices, too.

Outdoor music festivals: Because I'm getting old and all that marijuana smoke floating through the air makes me sleepy. Actually, maybe there are coffee shops there and I just can't find them thanks to all that marijuana smoke floating through the air.

My mom's house: My mom doesn't drink coffee, so when we visit, we're always making an early-morning run to Starbucks. (Or mixing up some instant -- ewww!) Same with my in-laws. Obviously we need to build a Starbucks in their basements. Open seasonally, of course.

Where would you like to see a coffee shop?


Image via Daquella manera/Flickr

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