Cut Up Your Food Like You're a Toddler If You Want to Lose Weight

cake sliceTrying to lose weight? You should totes cut up your food into smaller pieces. According to Yet Another Study (researchers at Arizona State University), multiple, smaller portions of your food can trick your mind into feeling more satisfied after a meal.

College students were given a snack of bagels with cream cheese: Some got whole bagels while others got their bagels cut into quarters (you know, as if they were preschoolers). Then they had a meal -- and the students with the cut-up bagels ate less!

So does this mean we should serve all our food cut up into pieces, toddler-style? What would that be like?


If you're eating steak, that makes sense: Serve it fajita style. Pork chop? Carve it up. Corn on the cob? Quarter that baby. Apple? Slices. Toast and bacon for breakfast? Break them up. Piece of cake? Pieces of cake! (Little ones.) Okay, so far so good.

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But what about ice cream? I mean, would it make sense to get out four tiny bowls and put a mini scoop in each. Ooh, then you get to tell yourself you had FOUR BOWLS OF ICE CREAM! And you'll either die of undeserved glutton shame or you'll be like, "Yay me!" Regardless, you now have four times as many dishes to wash.

And what of peas? I mean, they're already in small pieces. Do you spread a full serving out over an extra-large plate? Maybe if you put each pea in a different room, that would work. Except, you'd probably get hungry roaming from room to room trying to find all the peas. Also, you might forget some and they'll shrivel up and roll off somewhere.

You know, taken to its logical conclusions, this theory of portion size and feeling full is just a little bit complicated.

Do you ever cut up your food into smaller portions before eating it?


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