Scott Disick's Restaurant Opening Was a Disaster but Check Out the Menu!

scott disickHow many ways was the opening of Scott Disick's new restaurant Ryu a hot mess? Let us count the ways! At least two episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians' worth, anyway. Remember how Scott was nowhere to be seen in the days leading up to the opening? Maybe he was trying to hide because he knew what was coming: A total thrashing by the restaurant critics. Ouch.

Poor Scott. And he was so nervous just before the opening: "It's just nerve wracking. I mean, everyone has all these expectations!"

If only he'd listened to Emily Abbate's Ryu menu suggestions. Oh wait -- actually, I do see one of her suggestions on Ryu's menu. Check it out.


Eda-Kylie & Kendall: It's on the menu! Okay, they don't actually call it that, but there's roasted edamame served with salt and lime.

Lamar's Pre-Game Snack: No yummy udon noodle soup but here's something close: Chilled lobster soba. That's buckwheat noodles with herbs, radish, and a ginger-soy vinaigrette -- kind of a salad.

Kourtney's Kraving Roll: What if you're craving a maki roll with sweet potato, asparagus, avocado -- something safe for a pregnant mom-to-be? Nope. Not there. But there is tempura of summer squash, squash blossom, and red onion with spicy red pepper puree and basil.

Kimmy Roll: Sadly, there is no huge hand roll with spicy tuna, tobiko (flying fish roe), and mango (yes, please). But there is the kona kampachi tartare with rice cracker, sesame, soy, Asian pear, and jalapeno. Kona kampachi is a sustainably-farmed yellow fin tuna.

Jennertini: This would be a martini made with premium vodka and freshly muddled watermelon, perfect for the summer. No watermelon cocktails at all, but I do see a "cherry blossom" martini made with plum wine and lychee and a spicy "dirty shishito" martini made with Japanese chilies.

Would you eat at Ryu if you had the chance -- and someone else were paying?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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