Sassy Vending Machine Gets People to Act Like Fools for Free Food (VIDEO)

fantastic delites vending machineRemember that old commercial jingle, What would you do-ooo-oo for a Klondike bar? The idea being that the average person would do a lot of pretty stupid things in exchange for a Klondike bar. Well, the Australian snack food company Fantastic Delites had a similar thought: What would people do-ooo-oo if we put a vending machine in a public space that ordered them to act like idiots for Fantastic Delites? The answer being that the average person would indeed act like an idiot in exchange for Fantastic Delites.

By the way, I have NO idea what Fantastic Delites are, but they must be pretty fantastic. Because this video is de-lite-fully hilarious. And it begs the question ...


What if all vending machines made people do silly stunts for junk food? Could be a powerful weapon in the battle of the bulge, particularly the more cardiovascular based commands. Just watch:

I mean, come on, that whole bouncing on one foot thing must burn a decent amount of calories. Even pressing a button 1,000 times has gotta count as some kind of exercise, right? At least it would eliminate mindless machine-powered snacking.

Is there any food you would act like a fool to get for free?


Image via TasteFantastic/YouTube

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