Coffee in a Heatwave? Brew Yours Without Using Heat

iced coffeeI just survived that heat wave that blasted across the country. How about you? It was so hot, I almost resorted to throwing chicken parts up on the roof to cook. It was so hot, I stopped drinking hot coffee in the morning. Instead, I brewed at night and chilled the coffee in the fridge overnight for "iced" coffee the next morning.

It was so hot, even brewing coffee at night nearly melted me.

I wish I'd thought about "cold brewing" my coffee but my brains had evaporated in the heat so I forgot. Did you know you can brew coffee without any heat at all? You just brew it for longer -- and it comes out smoother, more concentrated, and less acidic, too. Here's how!


Way back in 2007 (ye olden days!) The New York Times published a recipe for cold-brewed coffee. Basically it comes down to this:


  • 1/3 cup coarsely ground coffee beans
  • 1 1/2 cups cold or room temperature water
  • Milk (optional)


Combine ground coffee and water in a quart jar. Let it just sit there on your kitchen counter overnight or about 12 hours or more -- longer is better. Strain through cheesecloth and enjoy with or without milk.

I've brewed coffee this way in the refrigerator, too, and it worked fine. It was also nice and chilled in the morning so I didn't have to dilute with ice cubes. If you want your coffee sweetened, add sugar or honey with the coffee while it brews.

Or you can try -- the famous Magical Coffee recipe from Food52. It's a sweet and creamy concoction that lives up to its name.

Have you ever tried brewing coffee this way?


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