Restaurant Owner Has Obama to Dinner & Dies 5 Hours Later

eggs gritsHere's a campaign trail restaurant stop President Obama will never forget: Just hours after visiting Ann's Place in Akron, Ohio the owner, 70-year-old Josephine "Ann" Harris, died of a heart attack.

While Obama was there he gave Ann a hug and posed for a few pictures in front of Ann's restaurant. And along with three employees from the nearby Goodyear plant Obama enjoyed Ann's breakfast of two eggs over medium, bacon, wheat toast, and a side of grits. She felt fatigued right after the visit -- and five hours later she was declared dead at the hospital!


Naturally Obama called Ann's family from Air Force One as soon as he heard the news to express his condolences. "The president expressed his sorry and his condolences at the very sad event. He was honored to meet her this mornign and passed on his feelings that the whole family is in his thoughts and prayers today," White House press secretary Jay Carney said.

And yes, according to Ann's family she was a big Obama fan -- so I guess you could say that even if she died way too young at least she died happy! What a last day of life. Breakfast with the President of the United States.

Was it maybe too much excitement for her?

Well you never can tell when events will collide with the health problems you already have -- and we don't know if Ann already had a heart condition. Running a restaurant can be incredibly stressful. But looking at it from another perspective I think it's amazing that her last day on earth was so freakin' exciting.

What would you like your last day alive to be like?


Image via moonlightbulb/Flickr




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