Sugary Sweet Ice Cream Cupcakes With Chocolate Chips

ice cream cupcakeIt seems like cupcakes have taken over the world as "best dessert ever." But just when I want to agree, along comes summer, the one time of year when all I want to eat is ice cream. Soft serve. Right outta the pint. Popsicles. Whatever, whenever, wherever.

But I've finally found the perfect way to stop this inner battle doing the rumba in my tummy. Ice cream cupcakes!

They are the best of both worlds! Cake-y deliciousness on the bottom, cold and creamy ice cream on the top, and heaven all around. The flavor possibilities are endless, but it all starts with a recipe. Good thing we have it right here!


Ice Cream Cupcakes (Adapted from A Pumpkin and a Princess)

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  • Cake Mix (pick your fave)
  • Ice Cream (again, pick your fave!)
  • Whipped Cream
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Other favorite toppings (optional)


1. Line muffin pans with cupcake liners. Prepare cake mix according to directions.

2. Drop 1 tbs prepared mix into cupcake liners. Bake 10 to 12 minutes at temperature suggested for cupcakes by the mix (remember, because you're baking less mix, you want to bake it for a shorter period of time).

3. Allow cupcakes to cool completely, then spoon softened ice cream into each liner, filling to the brim. Return to freezer, freezing until completely hardened.

4. Top with whipped cream and chocolate chips (as well as any other toppings you desire ... sprinkles, gummy bears ... the sky is the limit!).

5. Serve up quickly before the ice cream melts!

The flavor combination possibilities here are endless. What would your favorite be?

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Image via dbgg1979/Flickr

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