Restaurants Push Soda for Breakfast Because Why Not?

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sodaTop of the mornin' to you! Have you had your breakfast soda yet? Three restaurants are pushing soda for breakfast -- because apparently soda is the new coffee. Five minutes ago soda was the worst food on the planet, but now it's part of this nutritious breakfast. And I'm wondering why you haven't had yours yet! Four out of five dentists who want to buy a new boat recommend drinking soda first thing in the morning.

Okay, we all know someone who with one of those big plastic refill mugs filled with their favorite soda mojo firmly planted in their hand from dawn to dusk. Hell, even Brad Pitt admits he gives it to his kids for breakfast sometimes. But I always considered morning soda drinkers a rare breed. Is this really catching on? Is soda for breakfast going to become a "thing"? And what are these morning soda specials, anyway?

Well, there's Steak 'n Shake offering a free breakfast burrito (actual food) with the purchase of a 28-ounce Coke. In select locations Sonic is offering their "Morning Drink Stop" 99-cent fountain drinks. And then there is my favorite: Select Taco Bell restaurants in Southern California are selling MTN Dew A.M., Mountain Dew mixed with orange juice. And that exists "because of customer demand," according to a spokesman. P.S., creative spelling because it's just too early to spell out the whole word "mountain."

So much for that jumbo soda ban in New York City. Out on the other coast it's F*CK YEAH SODA ALL DAY LONG! And here we were, modestly suggesting you treat soda as dessert. Silly! The soda beast must be fed. It will not die. IT CANNOT DIE. As for me, I'm still sticking with the unsweetened coffee. I can't afford that mid-morning breakfast soda sugar crash.

Do you ever drink soda in the morning?


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nonmember avatar TheSimpleTruth

I, up until recently, have been a HUGE coffee drinker - like a pot or two each day. Yes, I said pot, not cup. In cutting back, I have gone to drinking a diet soda each morning for "breakfast". I don't usually eat much, so it's just the soda. I don't like the sugar crash either, so I just do a diet - but I NEED the caffeine!!

Sucro... SucroseMonkey

If I do eat at Mcdonald's in the morning (usually a pre-airport meal), I go for a diet coke.  For whatever reason and besides the fact I do actually enjoy coffee, I like a cold, fizzy beverage with my morning meal.  It can be January and I'd still opt for a coke.  However, this is only fast food.  Actual breakfast at home or ate a more full on place like a diner, it's coffee all the way.



nonmember avatar kaerae

I do this sometimes in the summer if it's too hot for coffee, cheaper than an iced latte. I'm not overweight, it's really not a big deal, relax.

expat... expatalfa

And we wonder why there's an epic obesity problem in the Western world, with heart disease and such being close runners up. And if not that, just a complete lack of appreciation for decent food.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

I am a morning Pepsi drinker. Usually just a small can or from a fountain and it's always mostly ice in the cup. I don't drink it all day long, and it's not even everyday. I just like a cold caffeine jolt in the morning when I'm having a hard time getting motivated. I don't drink coffee at all. Sometimes during the summer I switch to unsweetened homebrewed iced tea.

linzemae linzemae

I used to drink a lot of pop when I was little. Now I prefer water over any drink

cocob... cocobeannns

I rarely drink soda period. I surely would not drink it with or for breakfast.

nonmember avatar sexysodadrinker

I drink diet soda and to those saying soda makes you fat or its gross or unhealthy, ofcourse its unhealthy but how many of you drink alcohol or smoke or look up fattening things on pinterest all day? Its ok to drink soda and those wanting to ban it are hypocritical idiots

nonmember avatar American Expat

If a soda is bad for you, it is going to be just as bad for you in the morning as it is in the evening.

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