'Nutritionally-Balanced Pizza' Isn't Just a Fantasy Anymore

pizzaWhile I don't fancy myself much of a cook -- I'm probably like 178 degrees from Julia Child -- I do admit to being a bit of a Bethenny Frankel! What I mean is that I love throwing together "healthier for you" comfort foods. And better-for-you pizza is a favorite.

Maybe that's why I wasn't all that shocked to find that a nutritionist and professor named Mike Lean (how perfect is that?!) from Glasgow University believes his team has created a super-healthy -- practically superfood! -- "nutritionally balanced" pizza. A pie that actually kills quite a few "recommended daily value" birds with one delicious slice. No, really, it's true!


The smart pizza they came up with reportedly contains 30 percent of an adult's recommended daily amount (RDA) of vitamins and minerals, plus a third of the RDA of calories, carbs, and protein! Though the calories and carbs don't really come as much of a surprise, the idea that you could get tons of vitamins and minerals from your pizza probably seems totally foreign to most of us.

But it's really not that crazy! Seriously. Pizza may not be a vegetable, but it can be a very balanced meal if done right. For instance, I love to do a pie with part-skim mozzarella or some other kind of reduced fat cheese, whole wheat or whole grain crust, and TONS of fresh veggies. Maybe even some frozen or fresh spinach, mushrooms, basil, peppers, etc. cooked into the sauce.

Mike Lean says he did it by incorporating nutrients in less obvious forms -- like seaweed, fruit, and unusual vegetable combinations. Turns out seaweed is actually being used in artisan bread and can sub in for salt to lower a food's sodium content. Very cool! He also added red pepper to the sauce to up the pie's levels of vitamin C.

It might be a while before we see a pizza like Lean's hit our supermarkets, but that doesn't mean you can't come up with something equally healthy and yummy. Mmm ... I know what's for dinner tonight!

Do you agree pizza can be healthy and nutritionally balanced?

Image via Liz West/Flickr

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