Hillary Clinton's Plan for World Peace Starts at the Dinner Table

hillary clintonHillary Clinton isn't just dazzling people these days with her dancing, texting, and rejecting of Jason Segel. Oh no. Turns out the Secretary of State is a not-so-secret foodie who has basically freed the State Department from its school cafeteria-like shackles and catapulted it to five-star restaurant status! The New York Times reported that Hillz has "transformed the way food is chosen, cooked and served at the agency's Foggy Bottom headquarters."

Okay, okay. I know you're probably thinking that it was all well and good for her to be all up in the White House menu in the '90s as First Lady, but now that she's the Big SOS, what's she doing worrying about the State Department's eats? Doesn't she have bigger fish to fry (pun intended)? The thing is ... this food is actually helping her with those bigger fish!


The new meals -- which showcase local ingredients and American cuisine -- also offer a "nod" to many heads of state and other foreign dignitaries' culinary traditions. For instance, when the Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping visited, they had a famous Chinese-American chef out of Massachusetts prepare a "soy-marinated black cod and eight treasured rice packet with dried fruit and pork sausage." Sounds super-creative and so smart!

Addressing the tasty new changes, Hillary wrote in an e-mail response to a reporter's Qs:

Showcasing favorite cuisines, ceremonies and values is an often overlooked and powerful tool of diplomacy. The meals that I share with my counterparts at home and abroad cultivate a stronger cultural understanding between countries and offer a unique setting to enhance the formal diplomacy we conduct every day.

Is she right or is she right?? Well, there you have it, people. More proof that Hillary's got the secret to this country's success! Then again, should we be surprised? She may have been the First Lady, a New York Senator, and now the Secretary of State, but she is also Chelsea's mom. And most moms know that the way to just about anyone's -- even a foreign dignitary's -- heart is through their stomachs! 

Does this make you see Hillary Clinton as even smarter and cooler than you already did?

Image via Medill DC/Flickr

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