Secrets to Chopping 5 Summer Fruits & Vegetables (VIDEO)

how to cut a mango
Summertime is all about eating fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables. I love digging into the season's flavorful bounty. But here's the thing. Some food is easy to cut or peel: Tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers. And others are a little baffling. Artichokes, anyone? So I've pulled together a hot batch of videos that show us how to prep five classic summer foods: Mango, pineapple, artichoke, avocado, and corn on the cob.


You just need to know the right trick and prepping these foods can be a snap -- or at least not quite the chore they were before!

First up, the mango. I've been told to cut it into wedges and then peel of the skins, but that always leaves a lot of the flesh (the sweetest!) behind. Here's a better way that captures more of the good stuff you want.

Pineapple. We all know to cut off the peel, but this technique shows you a clever way to cut out the core. Hope your knife is big and sharp.

Artichoke. The most tricky of all veggies. I have been avoiding fresh artichokes for years because of that crazy thistle mess in the center. Here's a way to get in there without a lot of pain and tears. I'm definitely going to try this out soon. (Mmm, steamed artichoke leaves in melted butter, here I come.)

Avocado. The key part here is getting that pit out without mauling the rest of the fruit. It's simple -- if your aim is good.

Corn. And here is the best way to de-kernel corn. Turns out I've been doing it wrong -- the messy way -- all this time!

 What foods do you find difficult to cut and peel?


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