Restaurant Flies 10,000 Free Tacos to Far-Flung Fast Food Fans

taco bellTaco Bell reportedly delivered 10,000 tacos to a remote town in Alaska -- FOR FREE. And for the simplest reason, too: The people of Bethel, Alaska have an insatiable craving for that fast-food Mexican flavor. Literally -- the nearest fast food joint (besides Subway) is 400 miles away in Anchorage. That's a $500 round-trip plane ticket. Put another way, that's a $500 taco.

So imagine everyone's excitement when they saw fliers announcing a new Taco Bell for Bethel posted all over town. Alas, it was a cruel, cruel hoax. Some cranky guy put up the fliers with the phone number of another man he was feuding with as some sort of revenge. And the rest is hungry history. That is, until Taco Bell caught wind of the hoax.


Taco Bell flew 950 pounds of seasoned beef, 300 pounds of lettuce, 150 pounds of cheddar cheese, 500 pounds of sour cream, and 300 pounds of tomatoes for tacos. And those tacos were free to the residents of Bethel this Sunday.

How do you even do that? Well, apparently Taco Bell has done this sort of thing before. CEO George Creed says, "If we can feed people in Afghanistan and Iraq, we can feed people in Bethel."

If only they could send their tacos to Switzerland, too. I have a friend there who craves that Taco Bell flavor like crazy. And she can't satisfy her cravings until she comes to the U.S. on vacation. I think she's nuts -- I never crave that food myself. But one woman's forgettable fast food is another woman's delicacy.

If you lived in Bethel, whose food would you wish to have flown in to you?


Image via Retailmania/Flickr

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