Michelle Obama Is Ruining Barack's Re-Election Chance With Terrible Cookie Recipe

m&m cookiesTrue or false: During a presidential election year, the wives of the nominees are asked to engage in a bake-off to determine who has the best cookie recipe. If you answered, FALSE, no way is that happening in 2012, you'd be dead wrong, my even mildly feminist friend. It's true. Since 1992 when Hillary Clinton made some remark about how she could've stayed home and baked cookies all day instead of working in a high-power law firm, the nominees' wives have been encouraged to show their affability and allegiance to middle America by engaging in this belittling custom. With that said, may I introduced to you Michelle Obama's chocolate chip cookies and Ann Romney's M&M concoction.

Let the hoary games begin.


Each wife (god, I can't even believe I'm typing this and that Michelle and Ann have been relegated to being called "wives") is asked to submit a recipe to Family Circus magazine. Then, readers are supposed to bake them at home and vote for their favorite on Family Circus' Facebook page.

Michelle's submission is Mama Kaye's recipe, which comes from Sasha and Malia's grandmother: white and dark chocolate chip cookies. Ann's entering her M&M cookies that her grandchildren "cannot resist."

They say that the bake-off winner's husband has won the election four out of the last five times (Cindy McCain is the exception; her butterscotch cookies beat Michelle's lemony ones), so if this contest is any indication of who's taking over the White House, Republicans should be pleased.

I gotta go with M&Ms over white and dark chocolate chip cookies any day of the week. White chocolate isn't even chocolate, it's basically just a mixture of butter and sugar. Come on, Michelle. Step it up. You couldn't have gone with a cream cheese brownie cookie or something? A lot's, evidently, at stake. 

Ann Romney and her M&Ms for the win.

Thoughts on the cookies and/or the contest itself?


Photo via ClaraDon/Flickr 

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