Chef Almost Chopping His Fingers Off Will Set You Right in the Kitchen (VIDEO)

chef talking on phoneDo you do this -- talk on the phone while cooking? Here's a video of a chef hacking up some squash while chatting on his cell. He almost hacks up his cheffy fingers while he's at it. Ooh, my fingers hurt just watching it!

It's a PSA by VW warning people not to drive and talk on the phone at the same time (just as stupid as what the chef is doing). But as someone who actually has yakked on the phone with a knife in hand, I'm going with the more literal interpretation. Cellphones and kitchen prep do not mix. Take a look, if you can stand it!


Ouch! I love that it's squash he's cutting up so he really has to hack the thing with all his might. (When was the last time you cut up a squash? It's a huge pain.) Maybe they should have ramped up the drama and actually shown fingers flying and blood spurting. Too much? All right. This is probably better.

I remember ye olden days when we used telephones that were connected to the wall. Everyone had a phone in their kitchen with an extra-long cord -- with little burn marks on that cord where it had landed on the stove! People have always found cooking more fun if they're talking at the same time. And cooking while chatting on the phone has always been dangerous. What to do?

I don't understand why the chef doesn't just put the phone on speaker. I mean, that's the obvious solution, isn't it? Except you're still thinking more about the conversation than about the chopping. Someday they will invent a kitchen knife that doubles as a cellphone and THAT will be the answer to everything in the universe.

Do you talk on the phone while cooking? Do you think it's dangerous?


Image via VW & DTan/Vimeo

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