Girl Scout Cookies & Candy Bars Combine in the Name of Deliciousness

girl scout cookie candy bars

They're here! Remember when we told you about the brilliant Girl Scout Cookie/Nestle Crunch combo bar idea? Well, they're a reality now. And they're finally on the shelves in all their crispy-cookie-candy glory. I wasted no time in running out to try them myself.

Nestle has even gone through the trouble of making this handy-dandy Nestle Crunch Girl Scout candy bar locator map. Because heaven forbid you should have to wander the streets of your city in search of these treats and come home empty-handed. We can't have that! Lo and behold, I entered the nearest store listed on the map and there they were, on a top shelf, with a beam of light shining down upon them from Heaven. I heard angels singing and there was a voice: Try All Three Varieties.

So I did -- here's what I thought.


Did I mention there were three varieties? I was just expecting the "Thin Mint" we'd heard about. But there's also a Peanut Butter Créme (like the Tagalongs, first bar on the left above) and a Coconut Caramel (like the Samoas, bar in the center). All three have a very light and airy crunch. 

I think the Coconut Caramel is my favorite. The coconut is very subtle (no flakes) and goes well with the caramel flavor. In fact, I think the bar is better than the cookie (though I'd love a real, thick layer of caramel in there). Thin Mint is my second favorite, and again, I think it's a better bar than cookie. Mint just really works with that light crispiness.

Peanut Butter is just okay. Honestly, the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup still owns peanut butter candy. No one else comes close, and that includes the Girl Scout bar. I give it a "meh." But the other two bars represent the highest achievement in cheap, drug store candy. Rock on, Girl Scout candy bars!

Have you seen or tried the Girl Scout candy bars yet?


Image via Adriana Velez

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