Nora Ephron Made Us All Love Good Food a Little More (VIDEO)


I still can't believe Nora Ephron is dead -- it's not okay with me! So I've been watching clips from her movies to remember her. I think one of my favorite things about Nora was her obsession with food, and the way that was always seeping into her other work. I mean, she wrote a television series called Adam's RIB. She wrote the screenplay for Mixed Nuts and Cookie (which is about a gangster, not baking, but COOKIE!).

She once said, "If there is a Nora Ephron signature anything it is that there's slightly too much food. I have a friend whose mantra is: You must choose. And I believe the exact opposite: I think you should always have at least four desserts that are kind of fighting with each other." Nora, there is never even slightly too much food in your writing! Here are some of my favorite food scenes from her movies.


Everyone loves that fake orgasm scene at Katz's Deli in When Harry Met Sally. But how about the earlier scene where Sally orders pie

The philosophy of Starbucks from You've Got Mail.

Julie and Julia -- well, the whole movie is about food! But here's the scene when Julia Child zeroes in on what she really loves to do: EAT.

And now, a gratuitous scene from Sleepless in Seattle. Not a lot of food in that movie, strangely enough. But here's Meg Ryan's character peeling an apple on that fateful night she listens to the radio. Don't miss the funny throwaway line, "Every time I come close to orgasm, he goes to make himself a sandwich." "Why don't you make him a sandwich beforehand?"

And now, my very favorite Nora Ephron movie, Heartburn. Here's a scene from a dinner party just before Meryl Streep's character leaves her husband. It ends with pie. I love this, so much.

Good night, Nora! We'll miss you.


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