Oreo's Gay Pride Cookie Pic Brings Out the Awful Haters

rainbow oreoThis weekend in honor of Gay Pride month, Oreo posted on their Facebook page a sweet photo of their signature cookie with a rainbow of fillings. "Proudly support love!" they said. And then the haters came out.

People threatened to boycott Oreo.

"Guess what I'm boycotting now. Don't get political, Oreo." "No more Oreos for me or my family." "Anyone who eats Oreos is now openly a heretic and should be treated as such. Eating Oreos is now a Sin." "Gays can all go kill them selves they are sinners and will burn in hell." (P.S. that's a run-on sentence and "themselves" is one word.) WAIT A MINUTE HERE, are we still talking about a cookie?!?


Wow, anyone who hates on a cookie company that posts a message about love has some serious problems. While it's fairly obvious the rainbow cookie is referencing gay pride, the message was meant to be inclusive: Oreo wants to embrace everyone, gay and straight. Doesn't matter who you love as long as you keep buying them cookies! Okay, that's a little cynical. But I think the point was to spread love, not hate.

For the record, as of this writing, 171,991 people "liked" Oreo's rainbow cookie. And 50,482 people shared it. SO YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY, HATERS. And love conquers hate!

It's not the first time Oreo has been embroiled in politics. Racists have used the cookie to describe interracial marriage (oh hey, also on the wrong side of history). And it's also used sometimes to mock black people who others think act "white," whatever that means. Can't we just let a cookie be a cookie?

Also haters? You know you're going to keep eating those cookies anyway. Because you love them enough to have actually gone through the trouble of "liking" Oreo's Facebook page. And because you probably think organic Newman's Os are made by communists.

Anyway, here is my favorite response to the rainbow Oreo: "I am upset with Oreo over this. Not because of the political statement (which I love), but the picture is just such a tease, I WANT THAT COOKIE!" Right? I mean, if you're going to hate on Oreo, hate them for reasons that actually have to do with FOOD. Sheesh! Totally craving Oreos right now, by the way.

What do you think of Oreo's rainbow cookie?


Image via Oreo/Facebook

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