200 People Show Up Naked to Grocery Shop -- Would You? (VIDEO)


naked grocery shoppingEvery so often when you're grocery shopping, do you ever think: This would be so much more fun if I were naked? Well, one grocery store sure thinks so. For their grand opening, they offered up to $276 in FREE groceries to the first 100 people willing to shop naked.

Two hundred people took them up on their offer.

That's right, 200 people were willing to shop naked in exchange for free groceries. Has it really come to this? No, Channing Tatum did not show up. (SIGH.) However, if you stick with the NSFW video below long enough, you will be rewarded with some cute buns there toward the end. (1:50 mark, just skip ahead, trust me.)

I guess I should point out that this is a grocery in Germany. Obviously grocery shopping in the newwwd is illegal here in the U.S. Rest assured, Americans, you will not be subjected to the shock of encountering schlongs next to the sausage, ever, so long as you never leave the country.

Then again, given the popularity of bath salts, you never know.

Anyway, what do you think? Aside from the thrill/horror of seeing naked people in my grocery store, I think I'd be just a little grossed out over the proximity of bare asses to food. I mean, we make people wear hair nets in kitchens. If you're naked in the grocery store maybe you should have to wear a hair net around your ... un-public hair? Er. You know, unless you're meticulous about waxing.

Anyway, most grocery stores are too chilly for me to ever want to attempt this -- even for a whole truck load of free food. Also, I admit: I'm a freakin' prude. Okay? I cannot be bribed to do public nudity. Just, no. Well. Maybe if the grocery store sells exceptionally fine cheese and super-fresh seafood. And saffron. You know, saffron is really expensive. Maybe I'd get naked to stock up on lots of free saffron. But that's it!

Would you dare to go shopping naked for free groceries?


Image via MsDjole86/YouTube

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Hells to the freaking NO!!! This takes hair nets to a whole new level. ISH!

nonmember avatar lydia

EWW! 200 sick, digusting perverted men gather in hopes to see a naked woman! God disgusting men will do anything out of desperation to see a naked woman, how gross and sickening!

the4m... the4mutts

I am ALL for feeling free in your own skin, and being allowed to be topless in public. But NUDE grocery shopping? I think not. That is incredibly unsanitary. I would never shop in a grocery store again that did that.

Our genitals secrete fluids at random intervals. If we're nude, then those fluids can get on the floors, or from men, they could potentially even get onto a product. That is disgusting.

Disney17 Disney17

For free groceries? Yup.

Jespren Jespren

No, because decent people do not go nude in public.

Loveb... Lovebug83

That first man shouldn't of done it.His penis was way to small to be taped.I'm embarrassed for him.

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