6 'Dessert Breakfasts' to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Sunrise (PHOTOS)

belgian waffle with ice cream and syrupSurely, you've had breakfast for dinner before. Maybe even dinner for breakfast? (Sometimes, there's nothing like leftover, cold pizza at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Mmm.) But what about dessert for breakfast? Just too gluttonous to work? Ehh. Not so fast! It might actually help with weight loss, according to a bunch of sugar-happy scientists at Tel-Aviv University. Apparently, adding a chocolate chip scone or doughnut to breakfast while on a low-calorie (1,400/day for women) diet resulted in less hunger and fewer cravings and more weight lost. Kiiiinda wacky, considering that there's research to show having sugary food in the a.m. can set your blood sugar up for a day-long roller coaster ride. 

But hey, considering this new study, maybe that's simply not true for everyone! So, in honor of this sweet research, here are a few drool-worthy desserts that could double as breakfast ...


What's your favorite "dessert for breakfast"?

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