Smart 'Breastaurants' Serve Up Hot Wings & Even Hotter Entertainment (VIDEO)

tilted kilt waitressesWhile many industries are still suffering from the sluggish economy, there's one niche that appears to be flourishing: "Breastaurants." As in, Hooters-like restaurants that pair hearty, calorific MAN FOOD with a "view" of skimpily-clad female eye candy. A new report claims that the top three restaurants following in Hooters' footsteps -- Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, and Mugs N Jugs -- each grew by at least 30 percent last year.

On one hand, you might see these joints' success as another disheartening sign that hard-earned progress of the women's movement has been utterly derailed, and these establishments are evil for banking on and subjecting youngins to the objectification of women. On the other, you could say, "As an adult, I don't mind a little tuchus with my baked potato, some boobage with my beer!" Despite being a longtime self-described feminist, I'm finding I feel the same way about these restaurants as I do about strip clubs ...


I'm all for 'em! Maybe because I see breastaurants' success as an almost unavoidable, non-threatening sign of the times. Obviously, with less money to throw around on eating out, we want added value to their dining experience these days. These oh-so-clever eateries are simply offering a bit of entertainment with their nachos and wings.

As Tilted Kilt waitress (and aspiring ballroom dancer who has no problem with skimpy workwear!) Rose Dimov told the AP that her job is basically to make guests feel special and ensure they have a good time. She explained:

Going to a restaurant should be an experience. We're entertainers.

And if you think about it, most restaurants have a shtick to get people in the door. Waitresses showing a little skin and serving regular ol' pub food in a fun, kitschy way just happens to be theirs.

Why bother dining out if you're not going to have a unique experience? And why choose a particular restaurant unless there's a hook for eating there. Sometimes it's enough that a place has THE best (or the only) fill-in-the-blank-favorite-dish in town. But ehhh ... Most of us care about ambience and having an all-around satisfying experience at the eatery, too. Otherwise we'd just stay home!

Speaking of entertainment, here's a Tilted Kilt commercial that shows a few young men sweating (literally) their Victoria's Secret Angel-like waitresses.

How do you feel about breastaurants like Hooters? Do you consider a restaurant's "entertainment value" when choosing to dine there?

Image via TiltedKiltPub/YouTube

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