New Bagged Salad Recall Is Part of a Disturbing Pattern

saladIt's time for another bagged salad recall! What's it been, a month or two? (Yes, almost to the day.) Well fortunately, today's recall is relatively small: Dole is recalling just over a thousand cases of bagged salad sold  at Kroger and Walmart stores. Listeria showed up in random testing for the batch. The salads were sent to Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

And phew, so far no reported illnesses! So let's make sure it stays that way -- more specific information about the recalled bagged salad below the jump. The salad shouldn't be on store shelves anymore, but you never know.


If you're worried about your bagged salad, check out the use-by date (upper right-hand corner of package) and the UPC code (back of the package below bar code).

Kroger Fresh Selections Greener Supreme coded N158 211B 1613 KR04 with Use-by date of June 19 and UPC 11110 91039, Kroger Fresh Selections Leafy Romaine coded N158 111B KR11 with Use-by date of June 19 and UPC 11110 91046 and Wal Mart Marketside Leafy Romaine coded N158111B with Use-by date of June 19 and UPC code 81131 02781.

Does it seem like maybe the bagged salad idea is just a little bit flawed? There was that recall a month ago, and then another one just the month before that. Or maybe it's just that producers are being more careful about testing and doing precautionary recalls. I think the feeling now is, "better safe than sorry." Better to be over-cautious and do a recall than to gamble and hope no one gets sick. And we should be glad about that.

This seems like a good time to say -- for the 1000th time -- wash those greens! It's worth getting into the habit. For me, each of these recalls is another kick in the pants reminding me not to skip that step.

Do you live in the south and buy bagged salad at Kroger or Walmart?


Image via roolrool/Flickr

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