8 Delicious Meatless Grilling Ideas

grilled pizzaFire, meet food. We love grilling in the summer -- we'll grill just about anything we can get our hands on. It doesn't always have to be meat, either. You can grill sides, sandwiches, desserts, all kinds of dishes. Here are eight scrumptious grilling ideas that couldn't be easier. 


Pizza -- The Kitchn has instructions on how to grill pizza with recipes and it really works! We grill pizza all the time in the summer. 

Fruit kabobs -- There are almost endless possibilities! But I recommend pineapple and peaches (especially not-quite-ripe ones). Here's a fruit kabob recipe with honey lime yogurt dip.

Corn -- This is my favorite way to have corn in the summer. You could put husked cobs directly on the grill if you like yours kind of charred. But I like to keep just a layer or two of husk on my corn while it grills so it gets that smoky flavor but doesn't turn black.

Banana splits -- Not the whole banana split! But you can grill your bananas before topping them with ice cream and toppings. Brings out the creamy sweetness in bananas.

S'mores -- But you knew that! Melted marshmallow and chocolate? Don't mind if I do. Here's a recipe for Nutella s'mores -- even better.

Fruit cobbler -- Try this grilled cobbler recipe with cherries, peaches, or any ripe and delicious fruit.

Chopped veggies -- I've seen grilled veggies done wrong (just hacked up and thrown on the grill with nothing). But here's instructions for doing grilled veggies the tasty way: Marinate them first in salad dressing.

Paninis -- Gooey, grilled sandwiches. You can go the dessert way with chocolate and fruit paninis. Or try grilled vegetable paninis.

What else do you like to grill?


Image via Adriana Velez

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