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Family Picnic Music That Won't Make You Tear Out You Hair

boomboxThe only thing I hate more than afternoon at the theater is an afternoon at an an all too family-friendly picnic. I get that when there are kids around you have to be conscious about what kind of language you use and what kind of music you play, but honestly, the nursery rhyme songs on repeat make me want to kill myself.

So in light of the fact that the fourth of July is coming up and you and I will be attending some BBQs where kids are around, I've come up with a child-friendly playlist that'll please everyone of all ages. Everybody wins.

  1. "Ants Marching" -- Dave Matthews Band. Kids like ants, adults like telling how they discovered Dave before everyone else, this song's a go.
  2. "It's a Great Day to Be Alive" -- Travis Tritt. Positive message all around!
  3. "Lonely Boy" -- The Black Keys. Kids like to headbang while they dance, adults still aren't over this song.
  4. "Save the Last Dance for Me" -- The Drifters. Kids like to slow dance with each other, adults like to video their kids slow dancing.
  5. "Bennie and the Jets" -- Elton John. Everyone loves this song no matter if you're six, 16, or 60.
  6. "Dog Days Are Over" -- Florence & the Machine. Great uplifting tune for all ages.
  7. "Summer Love" -- Frank Sinatra. Kids need to hear as much Frank as possible, same with adults.
  8. "Caminando por la Calle" -- Gipsy Kings. Great song and great way to introduce some flavor into your kids' musical tastes.
  9. "Perfect Day" -- Lady Antebellum. This one may please the kids more than the adults, but it's an undeniable pop hit that will get you moving.
  10. "Try a Little Tenderness" -- Otis Redding. Kids will know it from Shrek, adults will know it from Shrek and Otis' greatest hits. 

How do you balance out a playlist for a family-friendly picnic or BBQ?


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ceciliam ceciliam

I don't make a playlist. I usually just put on the 80's station on my cable.

Leele... Leelee1008

Great list.

normally Dh gets full controll b/c he is a freak. and its usually the classic rock station, but if I had my way It would be the mix station of todays hits and others mixed in.

lalas... lalasmama2007

We just turn on the Sirius radio.

Mrs.P... Mrs.Pool2Be

We don't ever play music at our picnics.  

dusky... dusky_rose

That is what our picnics are missing, music. We just watch play people watching and nature watching instead.

.Ange... .Angelica.

we usually don't have music at our picnics. never thought abou it

Bob192 Bob192

I don't think I know most of those.  We usally don't do music either.  If so I just turn on the radio.

Bmat Bmat

I love the Gipsy Kings.

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