Whopper Made With 5 Patties Is a Burger Lover’s Dream

Burger King Japa 5 patty WhopperLately, I've been seriously craving a really good burger. I blame it on The Stir's recent taste test comparing real fast food items to their ads. All I need is one. OK, a big one. With all the fix-ins. Oooh, and some French fries, too.

Which is why I've got to admit I'm a little jealous of what's going on at Burger King in Japan. Wanna know why? They're selling the ultimate Whopper, AKA what I've been dreaming about. What makes it different than your run of the mill Whopper, you ask? It has five patties. Mhm, count 'em -- one, two, three, four, FIVE!

Not to worry, this isn't just a sign of fattier times. The quintuple burger is in stores in celebration of the chain's fifth anniversary. How appropriate! Just wait until you see how many calories are in this juicy beeftastic creation, though. I'll let you in on a little somethin': It's a WHOLE lot more than single Whopper.


OK, we're not exactly sure of the calorie count here. However get this: two years ago Burger King chains in Japan have offered a similar Whopper of monstrous proportions with SEVEN layers in honor of the debut of Windows 7. The calorie count for that big boy was 2,120 calories. So subtract two patties at around 320 calories each, and I'd have to guess this five-layer creation ranks in somewhere around 1,480 calories or so. Wow. That's a LOT of burger.

I say great move on BK's part. If the consumer plays their cards right -- they could dissect this burger and have enough for a solid three meals. All three meals for $7? Child's play! How fab, right? Or, this one massive burger could feed a small family of three. Splurge on a few sides (I suggest a bacon sundae, large Diet Coke, and fries) and you'll be golden.

What do you think of Burger King's quintuple burger?


Image via thegarethwiscombe/Flickr

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