Deep-Fried Cereal Will Start Your Morning Off Deliciously Wrong (VIDEO)

deep-fried cereal

As sugary breakfast cereals go, Trix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are probably at the top of the "fun" heap. But you know what they're both missing? A big, thick layer of deep-fried dough, that's what. Introducing Totally Fried Cereal, the invention of deep-fried-foods master "Chicken" Charlie Boghosian. Breakfast of Champions, my friends!

Charlie is debuting his deep-fried cereal at this year's San Diego County Fair. Last year his great masterpiece was deep-fried Kool-Aid, one of the greatest food inventions in culinary history. Not really. But he sold 1.1 million of them. Think he can sell as many of these new deep-fried cereal bars?

Somewhere out there Dr. Oz is fainting.


Anyway, as you'll see in the video below Charlie actually deep-fries cereal bars instead of loose cereal. I don't know ... This is neat, I guess. But it's not the exciting feat of last year's Kool-Aid balls. You bite into those and you get this lava flow of tangy Kool-Aid. Chicken Charlie does a deep-fried Klondike bar, too, which must be amazing: Under the batter there's still-frozen ice cream.

With the fried cereal, isn't it just more of the same crunchy/sweet texture? I think the deep-fried foods trick works better when there's more of a contrast between the fried batter and what's inside. Maybe Charlie is just having an off year. Charlie, may the gods of deep-fried inspiration be with you next year!


What food would you like to try deep-fried?


Image via Darlene Horn/My Burning Kitchen

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