'Healthiest Meal Ever' Sounds Like It's Anything But

dinnerYou've probably claimed to have eaten "the healthiest meal ever" at some point while patting your own back, but scientists have actually concocted THE healthiest meal ever. After years of work and in-depth scientific review of health claims, they came up with a menu that's packed with super foods and all sorts of good-for-you ingredients. The most surprising part: It doesn't look half bad. 

In fact, it sounds pretty darn delicious, and it even includes a somewhat seemingly decadent dessert. There are snacks too. Okay, there's at least one strange sounding item included, but for the most part, I'd be happy to eat this any given day. Here's what's on the menu for the dinner of champions, according to CTV News:

  • Fresh and smoked salmon terrine
  • Mixed leaf side salad with extra virgin olive oil dressing
  • High fiber multi-grain bread roll
  • Chicken casserole with lentils and mixed vegetables -- low in saturated fat and sodium
  • Live yogurt-based blancmange topped with walnuts and sugar-free caramel flavored sauce

Snack suggestions include:

  • Cranberry, raspberry, and elderflower multivitamin and mineral sports drink
  • Velvety hot chocolate
  • Walnut snack pack
  • Activated charcoal packets
  • Mixed berry meal replacement shakes -- for dieters
  • Pure spring water
  • Sugar-free spearmint chewing gum with Xylitol

Activated charcoal packets, aside, it sounds quite delicious, no? Food is always about the execution, but it certainly doesn't sound like what I'd imagine the healthiest food ever to sound like. It sounds much better.

If it sounds a bit like an airline meal, that's because it was designed that way. Why? I'm not sure, but it sure sounds better than the bag of pretzels, indiscernible mush, or a big old serving of nothing I've seen on flights lately.

While we might not all whip up this exact menu, I think it is helpful to see examples of how healthy food doesn't have to be punishment. Things can taste good and be good for you. Also, it seems that when it comes to our attempts to be healthier, we think of what we have to deprive ourselves of rather than what we get to eat. Focusing on super foods we want to add to our diet rather than always worrying about which bad foods to eliminate can be a nice change of pace as well.

What do you think of the healthiest meal ever? What are your favorite healthy foods that are also delicious?


Image via Dinner Series/Flickr

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