Army Tank Made of Cupcakes Shoots Sweet Birthday Surprise to the Troops

cupcake tankHow do you wish the U.S. Army a happy 237th birthday? If you're a bakery you could present them with a giant sheet cake. Or... you could make them a life-sized cupcake tank that shoots real cupcakes. BOOM -- now we're talking!

Georgetown Cupcakes baked 6,500 chocolate cupcakes to present to the Army yesterday, using about 5,000 of them to decorate a 2,500-pound model of an M1 Abrams tank. The tank is covered in camouflage fondant and mocha butter cream. And yes, that tank really shoots cupcakes. Take a look.


Okay, that is super cute. Leave it to bakers to put two totally different things -- big, scary war machine and sweet, wee cupcakes -- together in such a perfect way. How adorably wacky! Wouldn't you love to be there in person? I'm sure the troops there loved it.

The Army gets a lot of love from these baking ladies. For the past two holiday seasons they've donate 10,000 cupcakes to U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Co-owners Sophie Lamontagne and Katherine Kallinis went to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds to actually ride an M1 Abrams Tank before making their creation. You know, for inspiration.

"It was the coolest experience of our lives," says Lamontagne. And I'm sure seeing that cupcake-covered tank was pretty darn cool for the troops and civilians at the Pentagon, too!

Is this the craziest use of cupcakes you've ever seen?


Image via Wired


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