7 Zombie-Inspired Foods to Eat Your Way to the Apocalypse

brain cupcakesIn case you haven't noticed, the world is a little obsessed with zombies right now. Some people truly believe that an apocalypse is upon us, and they have all sorts of proof. Recent tragic crimes have fueled the frenzy, and suddenly it's all zombies all the time.

Even though I'm not much of a believer in these creatures, I can't say the thought doesn't make me the slightest bit nervous. And when I'm nervous, I eat. So I've been thinking a lot about both zombies and foods, which led me to zombie foods.

Not so surprisingly, there are plenty of gory foods and beverages out there to feed the frenzy if you will. They'd be perfect for a zombie apocalypse party, or just for some nervous munching. Here are seven zombie-inspired foods to help you eat your way to the apocalypse, starting with these brain cupcakes. So grossly good. Here are six more:


Zombie Cocktail

Drink away the danger with this delicious rum-based drink. Just don't drink too many or you'll be a zombie the next morning.

Zombie Mozzarella Meal

This creative dish combines fresh cheese, tomato sauce, and pasta to make one creepy zombie face. It actually sounds delicious if you don't look at it.

Puff Pastry Intestines

Using convenient puff pastry and the filling of your choice, this appetizer is delicious yet disgusting.

Zombie Chicken Nugget

A McDonald's customer in New Jersey discovered this eerie zombie-like nugget. Did he eat it? Of course not, he put it on eBay. You could try to recreate them on your own if you're jealous.

Zombie Pizzas

Bite back at zombies by chowing on these delicious, savory zombie pizzas.

Body Parts Cake

Let's just say this takes the zombie-themed-food cake.

What zombie-inspired foods would you add to the list?


Image via Rachel From Cupcakes Take the Cake/Flickr

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