4 Fantastic Frozen Fruit Popsicles the Whole Family Will Love

frozen banana treatThere's nothing better than a sweet snack -- amirite or amirite? -- and in the summer I find myself reaching less for the gooey, chocolate, calorie-packed kind and more for the yummy, refreshing, fruity kind. You know what I also keep reaching for? Popsicles. I'm a snack-on-the-go kinda gal. I just love 'em! 

Now, if you don't see where I'm going with this, let me tell you I had a genius plan to put all three of the tasty treats' ingredients together and mmm, what a delicious idea! The best part? All you have to do is rinse, dip, freeze, and repeat. Easy, right? Check out these four frozen fruit popsicles that are as simple as they are scrumptious:


Frozen Banana Pops. They're the perfect summer treat and they're also probably the easiest to make. If you've got tiny tots who need an activity, this easy recipe is a fun, yummy way to keep them occupied. You can jazz up the ingredients, but nuts and dried coconut are my personal faves!

PB 'Nana Cream Bites. Doesn't the name itself just make you drool? Yum! This recipe can handle any add-ins and substitutes you think of, and they're all bite-size, too! Instead of sticking them on popsicles, try toothpicks -- they're just as fun and go along with the bite-size theme. If you're feeling daring, use almond butter instead of peanut butter. You can thank me later!

Frozen Fruit Kabobs might become a favorite at your house super fast! Soak the treats in a citrus-honey glaze and make them more nom-tastic than ever before! Skip the chocolate for dried coconut, sprinkles, or even minced nuts. So delish!!

Frozen Fruit Covered in Yogurt will have you singing "Mmmmm, I love you so!" Pick up a couple of cheap ice cube trays in different cute shapes and your kids won't even miss their favorite sugary, chocolate snacks. Though this recipe is a little vague, it's super easy to follow. Using flavored yogurt might make them a little bit more colorful -- and add toothpicks for grab 'n go delight! 

Do you have any delicious summer fruit recipes that are crowd pleasers?

Image via Vegan Feast Catering/Flickr

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