Romney Campaign Trashes Restaurant & Leaves a Bad Taste in Owner's Mouth (VIDEO)

main street cafeWhen "Hurricane Romney Campaign" blew through Main Street Cafe in Council Bluffs, Iowa last week, they left a big ol' mess behind. The cafe hosted a small roundtable for Romney. But the staff broke a framed photo of owner Diane Bauer's dead father (among other things), wouldn't let customers use the restrooms, and wadded up and tossed away her tablecloths. And Mitt Romney never even bothered to introduce himself to Diane like Rick Perry did when he visited.

Word of Diane's shock went online, which is when Romney called her to apologize -- but the call totally backfired because Diane felt like he was mocking her!


She says, "He responded 'well, I'm sorry your tablecloths got ripped off, wadded up, and thrown in the back room' and I took it as mocking." I'm sure Romney wasn't trying to mock her, but having heard the sort of light, lofty way he talks, I can see how she would have gotten that idea. Did he sound imperious, impatient, flippant? However he sounded, he made her feel small.

Diane says she wonders now, "With how he treated me, is that how he's going to treat others? You know, if he gets in office is he going to be that way to us little people?"

Now before I get all outraged on Diane's behalf, there's something I have to admit: Parents sometimes do the very same thing. I don't invade cafes with a whole campaign staff, but there have been times when my family has joined another family for dinner and wow -- it's really hard not to trash the place. Kids are just messy. Even if you're at a kid-friendly place, I think it's important to at least try and minimize the damage, clean up after kids, and be as kind and accommodating to the wait staff as you possibly can.

But then, most of us are a lot closer to Diane Bauer's way of life than we are to Romney's. So we can relate.


Have you ever left a big mess at a restaurant? Did you feel like you should apologize?


Image via Fox42News

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