Obama Deserves to Enjoy Father's Day BBQ Lunch in Peace (VIDEO)

obama eating bbq at kenny's smokehouseBy now, President Obama must realize he probably isn't ever going to be able to "eat in peace" ... at least not in public anyway. But that's what he asked for after giving a few comments during lunchtime yesterday at Kenny's BBQ Smokehouse on Capitol Hill. Our POTUS was just trying to get his chow on -- ordering a platter of steaming beef ribs, greens, black-eyed peas, rice, a corn muffin, and a bottle of water. Talk about comfort food!

But tongue-cluckers beware: It's not like Obama was digging into this big BBQ meal without good reason or honorable company. He was dining with two soldiers -- U.S. Army Captain Joubert Paulino and U.S. Army First Lieutenant William Edwards, winner of the 2012 Military Fatherhood Ward -- and two barbers -- Otis Gamble and Nurney Mason of Mason's Barber Shop -- who are participating in "Fatherhood Buzz," a new government initiative involving barbershops with helping dads find job training and support groups.


In other words, it was a manly pre-Father's Day lunch for more than one good cause.

But even if it wasn't ... can we please stop worrying about what's on our Commander-in-Chief's plate? When photos of the lunch made their way online, there was a lot of criticism on Twitter regarding his decision to eat high-cal food. As always. Do you really think the Prez is having a big fat dish of BBQ every day? Of course not!

Furthermore, in the name of Father's Day weekend swiftly approaching, we gotta give the man a break. All fathers, for that matter! If there's one time of the year they should be able to indulge and flirt with less-than-exemplary nutrition, it's right now. Because you know know all dads have their fave foods that are "bad" for them -- from Key lime pie to a craft ale to a juicy steak. Clearly, Obama and these upstanding dads he was dining with enjoy some ribs on a rare occasion. As long as they're not on high alert for heart risks, we gotta let 'em be and enjoy. Just as long as come Monday, they're back on track with a healthy eating regimen Michelle Obama would approve of.

Here's the video of Obama making a few remarks before chowing down ...


How do you feel about dads indulging in their fave foods on Father's Day? What's your hubby and/or dad's favorite unhealthy food?


Image via whitehouse.gov

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