Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Recalled but It's Not What You Think

ben & jerry's chocolate nougatOh noes, Ben & Jerry's is voluntarily recalling its Chocolate Nougat Crunch Ice Cream! It pains me to see those ice cream hippies join in the recall march of shame -- but wait! It's not what you think. This is not exactly a case of contamination.

The ice cream is fine. I repeat, the ice cream is fine. It's just that they forgot to add an allergy advisory to the packaging. You know, "Allergy Information: Fudge covered wafer pieces have been manufactured on equipment also used to process peanuts and tree nuts." I don't think Chocolate Nougat Crunch has any nuts in it, which is all the more reason why you'd need that advisory on the label.

Anyway, here are details for what you can do if you happened to buy this batch.


The UPC code for the recalled ice cream is 7684020899. The date codes are JUL1113BJ1, AUG0113BJ1, AUG2313BJ1, SEP2013BJ1, SEP2113BJ1, OCT2313BJ1. (Look on the bottom of your pint.) If you're a lucky winner you have a recalled pint, you can rinse out the container, cut out the UPC code, and call 877-270-7397 and they'll send you a replacement coupon.

Um, it sounds to me like non-allergic people who bought the recalled pints just won the ice cream lottery. Basically you can eat your ice cream AND get a coupon for another free pint. Yay you!

But on a more serious note, I'm glad Ben & Jerry's is thorough about its allergy alerts. That little note can save lives. If you have friends who love ice cream but are horribly allergic to nuts, you may want to pass this on.

Have you ever had an allergic reaction to food produced in a facility that processes nuts?


Image via Ben & Jerry's

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