Wine & Manicures Party Sounds Like the Perfect Girls' Night Out

wine manicureHuman beings have been making wine for thousands of years. And yet, it is only recently that we have created the most crucial component of wines: Manicures.

Yes, wine lovers, now you can pair a nail polish color to your Pinot Grigio. Wine company Santa Margherita has created a line of nail colors inspired by wines. And they're throwing manicure/wine tasting parties, too! So are you getting the vision here? You and your friends, getting your nails done, drinking wine... Oh, is that your typical Thursday night? Well now it's officially a thing.

So: Manicure and wine parties, brilliant idea or recipe for disaster, what do you think?


My first thought was "brilliant." I love drinking wine, first of all. So that's a great place to start. And then there's the idea of matching nail colors with wine -- which is a natural. Pinks, neutrals, and reds! (I totally want that rose.) It all sounds like fun.

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But then I thought a little bit more. Won't the nail salon fumes make the wine taste funky? I'm not so good with sticky, wet nails. I KNOW I'll mess up my manicure trying to hold my glass. (Maybe they have straws?) And tell me the people painting my nails are not also drinking wine -- because my fine motor skills diminish after a full glass. Just, you know, speaking for myself.

But wine. And manicures. Together.

Eh, I'm going to try and go to one of these little wine manicure parties anyway. It still sounds fun. Or maybe I could throw one of my own! With that non-toxic, no-fumes nail polish. And cupcakes... with matching nail colors, naturally.

Do you think it's a good idea to mix wine with manicures?


Image via Santa Margherita/Facebook


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