Subway's New Sandwiches Aren't What You'd Expect

subway sandwichIn this meat-centric country of ours, vegans have a pretty rough time finding something acceptable to chow down on when they're limited to fast food options (like when they're on the road or dining out with friends and family). My sister was "pesca-vegan" (she would eat seafood, but no other animal products) for a little over a year, and although she could almost always find something to eat at restaurants, I'm sure she had to sort of "bend" her own rules from time to time. Thankfully, more mainstream restaurants are becoming vegan-friendly. For instance, take Subway, which is introducing three new all-vegan sandwiches.

Reportedly, the idea to spread the vegan love originated in Canada when animal advocacy organization Compassion Over Killing recently convinced Subway locations there to sell a "Totally Vegged" vegan patty. Now, U.S. vegans could be getting even more than they could have possibly bargained for.


The three protein-packed vegan sandwiches Subway is going to offer include the Sweet Riblet (ehhh ... vegans don't usually want to eat something that sounds like fake meat, but okay), the Malibu Greek (yum!), and the Italian Black Bean (yeah, I could dig that!). So far, they're just planning to test drive them in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, but hopefully the Beltway folks like them enough that the chain decides to make them a staple on nationwide menus.

Because how totally cool would that be to see a mainstream fast food establishment embracing vegan food? I gotta say -- I am genuinely impressed. Of course on behalf of people like my sister who want to avoid animal protein, but also because when vegan food goes mainstream, people who wouldn't necessarily opt for it might give it a shot and find that they like it. And there are tons of health and environmental benefits to Americans going meatless from time to time. So, hey, props to Subway and any other fast food or fast casual dining establishment that wants to jump on the vegan train. Hopefully they find plenty of consumers are into it.

Would you try Subway's vegan sandwiches or any other fast food restaurant's vegan meals?

Image via _BuBBy_/Flickr

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