$65 Pizza With Lobster: Here's What It's Really Worth

NOT Lorenzo's $65 pie
Hey big spender! Want to buy me a pizza? I want THIS ONE: "The Celebrity," a 16-inch pizza pie for a mere $65. But listen, that's a bargain -- it's piled with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mozzarella, arugula, and did I mention a full pound of lobster meat? Totally worth it!

Or is it?

Let's take apart this "celebrity" pizza and find out how much it would really cost to make it. Are you really eating close to $65 worth of food, or is this a genius gimmick pizza that's making the restaurant, Lorenzo's, a mint?


I'm guessing that Lorenzo's, like most restaurants, is buying their ingredients wholesale -- which means their ingredients cost roughly half what you would pay for the same ingredients at the grocery store. If you made this at home, it really could cost you an arm and a leg.

$1.00 for dough. Pennies, really, but let's just say a whole dollar.

$1.00 for sauce. Another generous estimate.

$5.00 for sun dried tomatoes. Yeah, really -- a full quart is a lot of sun dried tomatoes. It would be twice as expensive if you were buying them yourself at the grocery store.

$1.50 for artichoke hearts. I'm sure he's generous with these.

$1.50 for grape tomatoes. He probably uses a full pint.

$1.50 for arugula. This is for a full bunch. Kale is the hot new green to put on pizza these days, but I think this pie is better with the arugula.

$0.50 for sliced red bell pepper. Why am I even including this?

$4.00 for fresh mozzarella. Fresh mozz costs more than block mozz. He very well may be using a whole one-pound ball.

$18.00 for 16 ounces fresh lobster tail. This one is controversial. At the moment in New York City, you can get 16 ounces of lobster tail for about $32 (so figure half that for wholesale). But prices for lobster can vary widely. Back in 2009 you could get it for as low as $7 a pound (wholesale) according to some guy on Chow.com.

$5.00 labor. We make a lot of pizza at home. You can mix and knead the dough in minutes. There's no chopping involved here, so you're just adding the toppings and throwing it in the oven (lobster probably added after cooking). I'm thinking there's about 30 minutes of labor here, tops. Let's hope he pays his cooks at least $10 an hour.

Grand total: $38.50

Think that still sounds steep? Well, the owner, Lorenzo Amato, keeps the prices for most of his other menu items under 10 bucks. He just wanted one fun, big-ticket pizza for splurges. "Really, the pizza should be double the price," he says.

If you could afford it, would you splurge on this pizza?


Image via Haseo/Flickr

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