Coffin-Themed Restaurant We're 'Dying' to Visit

coffin restaurantHey, guess what? They made us a giant coffin restaurant. Oh hooray, I was just thinking the other day, I enjoy eating out but I wish there were a little more DEATH involved. You know? Because there's nothing more life-affirming than eating delicious food and you kind of need to balance that all out with a reminder that we all die someday.

Anyway, the restaurant is called Eternity and it's in the Ukraine. (Darn.) And the best part? It was created by real, live undertakers! Indeed. This isn't just some flip stunt by a bunch of irony-addicted hipsters. Oh no. This is a funeral-themed restaurant with integrity. Take a look inside ... if you dare. Mwa ha ha ha ha!


The walls are all black, there are funeral wreaths everywhere, and coffins are stacked up between tables. Hey -- is this restaurant actually doubling as inventory storage? Well, at least the flowers are nice. They lend a certain ambiance, I think.

eternity restaurant

Even the restaurant's menu plays along with the theme: "Nine Day" and "Forty Day" salads reference mourning rituals and there's a dish called "Let's meet in paradise." Yes, let's. I hope there's some sort of "death by chocolate" dessert served, too.

I know you're just DYING to dine here now, right? (Heh! Slapping my knee for that one.) Well, the world's largest coffin isn't the only major attraction in Truskavets (along the border of Poland, don't you know). They also have mineral baths. Yes, mineral baths and funeral-themed dining -- that's exactly why you travel to the Ukraine.

Would you want to eat at Eternity if you had the chance?


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