5 Frosty, Delicious Drinks to Help You Beat the Summer Heat (PHOTOS)

Iced summer drinksThere are lots of things I love about summer, including but not limited to days spent with warm sand between my toes, being able to wear sundresses practically everywhere, barbecue, and that inevitable bronzed glow. You know what I love most about the season of skin, though? Frozen drinks.

I know I know, there's no rule that says you can't indulge in a piña colada or fruity smoothie in the off-season. However, once summer rolls around, my blender is practically a staple fixture on my countertop just screaming "USE ME!" and "I MAKE YUMMY CONCOCTIONS!"

Whether you're looking to get a little tipsy or just seeking to cool off, take a look at these 5 great frosty drinks perfect for summer: