Cockroach Falls Into Man’s Sandwich at Fast Food Restaurant but That Isn’t the Worst Part

roachIt's been a while since we last had a fast food health violation gross-out story, don't you think? I agree. So I'm serving up this hot, steaming, vile tale of a fast food restaurant gone all greasy and cockroachy for your daily dose of outrage and disgust. Would you like French fries with that?

Our sorry tale takes place in a Tampa, Florida burger joint. And it begins almost like a fairy tale. A man is eating his lunch when a live cockroach falls into his sandwich. It's like a gift from heaven! Only it's actually from the ceiling. And it's not a gift.

The man calls the health department, a state inspector shows up, and it all does downhill from there.


Oh my goodness, poor Ronald McDonald -- yes, this took place at a McDonald's, much to the dismay of the company.

I was thinking the worst part of this story would be the part where they find out what a shit show is going on in the kitchen -- but no. The worst part is when the manager refuses to let the inspector in for a full 20 minutes. Was he stalling for a quick clean-up (hide the dead bodies!) or did he really think he could avoid an inspection?

After that 20 minutes the kitchen was still a total shit show. The inspection found 21 violations, seven of them "critical." They included grease under the equipment, standing water, and roaches, roaches everywhere. Some dead, some alive. Why, that cockroach-from-heaven was just an appetizer to the colossal mess waiting for the poor inspector inside the kitchen.

So what did we learn, fast food managers and patrons? Well, when there's one falling cockroach in the dining room, there's probably about thirty more in the kitchen. If you're a fast food fan, maybe you should have your state health department's phone number with you at all times. Managers, that guy with the state inspector's business card is FOR REAL. And finally, make sure you never have roaches falling from the ceiling. That's not very do-do-do-do-do-I'm-lovin'-it.

What's the grossest thing you've ever seen at a fast food restaurant?


Image via WTSP

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