6 Sensational Side Dishes to Make Your Next BBQ Sing

bbq sidesGrilling this weekend? What'll you have with your MEAT? If you're grilling or barbecuing something special, your meat deserves some equally tasty side dishes.

You could pick up deli potato salad or coleslaw from the grocery store. Or you could come up with something a little more exciting -- something that'll make everyone say "ohh!" I have some sides recipes for you that offer some fun twists on a few classics.


Corn bread -- Check out this "damn good" corn pudding recipe from a smokehouse in Ashville, North Carolina. Or try this cornbread with cheese and chiles. You can skip the chiles if you're serving a non-spicy crew.

Green beans -- They're better with nuts. I don't know why, they just are. I like this Southern green bean salad with pecans. Or there's green beans with toasted walnuts.

Potato salad -- I found this cool Indian-inspired potato salad or there's this Greek potato salad

Home fries -- As long as you're grilling, why not try some homemade home fries? I made some this weekend. Cut your potatoes into thin wedges (about 16 pieces per large potato) and toss with seasonings before grilling. I tossed some Yukon gold potatoes in olive oil, salt, pepper, and herbs; and I tossed some sweet potatoes in adobo (look for those little cans of chipotle peppers in the ethnic foods section at your grocery store). Both were fantastic.

Collards -- Especially in the South you HAVE to have greens with your barbecue. Check out these sauteed collard greens with tomatoes

Mac and cheese -- Another barbecue side dish classic. Here's a Mac and Texas cheeses with roasted chiles recipe

What are your favorite barbecue side dishes?

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