8 Ways to Spice Up Burgers & Dogs on the Grill

hamburgers & hot dogsIs there anything better or more satisfying on a summer afternoon than firing up the grill and enjoying juicy hamburgers and hot dogs? Those are two foods that I definitely can't get enough of in the warmer months (and pretty much all year round for that matter).

Grilling really brings out a delicious natural flavor in the meat, but I always enjoy hot dogs and burgers more when they've been seasoned to perfection instead of just slapping them on the fire and waiting for them to sizzle.

I'm a pretty decent cook, but my husband is actually way more creative than I am. He loves making fresh salsa & pico de gallo to top off our summer meals, and his combinations of cilantro, onion, tomatoes, mango, and spices always make my mouth water.


Having a freshly made condiment to throw on top of our favorite foods is just so much more fun and enjoyable than simply busting out the ketchup and mustard bottles.

And while you can never really go wrong with homemade salsas & picos, here are 8 other yummy ways to give your burgers & dogs an extra kick this summer.

1. Fast-Food Fake Out -- This "special sauce" recipe is the perfect accent to hamburgers, and will especially please kids who can't get enough of their favorite fast food.

2. Ketchup With a Twist -- Put a tangy spin on a standard old favorite with this sweet & spicy homemade ketchup recipe.

3. Pittsburgh Burger Secret -- Want to eat the absolute best burger you've ever tasted? Every time I go back home to Pittsburgh, I pick up a few bottles of Old Colony Sauce. It's a great marinade for all meats, but burgers are beyond mouthwatering with this stuff.

4. Avocado-Chili Relish -- Put a South American spin on classic dogs with this zesty relish, and you won't be disappointed.

5. Coney Island Sauce -- How can you go wrong with an extra-long Coney?

6. Cream Cheese Jalapeno Burgers -- This is what you get when you cross a jalapeno popper with a plain old burger. YUM.

7. Cedar-Planked Burgers -- These burgers by Bobby Flay take quite a bit of prep time, but the distinct cedar taste is worth the fuss.

8. Southwestern Hot Dogs -- This recipe puts a Tex-Mex spin on dogs that the whole family will love.

What are some of your favorite hamburger & hot dog recipes?


Image via Sh4rp_i/Flickr

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