Starbucks to Give Their Menu a Makeover -- Again

Starbucks buys La BoulangeThere's nothing I love more than a good cup of Starbucks coffee in the morning. Call me a victim of corporate America, but I love the way their classic Pike Place roast tastes, especially with a shot of sugar-free vanilla syrup. Big news for Starbucks fans like me, though. As of yesterday, the coffee powerhouse is expanding their Petites-filled menu after buying the San Francisco-based cafe chain La Boulange.

So what can diners expect? An influx of La Boulange French pastries at their local Starbucks (starting out West, of course). The cost of this buyout? A casual $100 million. Wowza! That's a whoooolllleeee lot of money to pay for a few croissants.

OK, so there's gonna be more coming out of this deal than croissants. And you know what? I'm happy about it. Because after that whole "OMFG Starbucks is gonna start serving cocktails!" thing, I was getting a little bit nervous Starbucks was losing their marbles.


I get it, the Seattle-based coffee company wants to appeal to every type of customer they can. That's the point, isn't it? When any business starts offering up something new and fun, they're just trying to continuously draw in consumers hoping they'll come back for more. But I'm not gonna lie: The whole alcohol thing just didn't mesh well for me. Starbucks is my breakfast spot! They're my coffee go-to. This deal with La Boulange, though? Home-freakin'-run.

Think about it this way: What's not to love about a delicious pastry with your perfectly poured coffee bevvy? Nothing. FYI for the intrigued: The yum yums will still have the La Boulange label on 'em, so you'll notice the newer offerings as soon as they hit a store near you.

Mmmm, my taste buds are going loooove this. My waistline? Eeeek. I have a feeling ... not so much. 

Do you like Starbucks how it is now? If you could change anything, would you?


Image via bfishadow/Flickr

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