5 Super Easy Microwave Recipes to Get Your Family Fed Fast

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spinach lasagnaYour microwave would like a little respect. Oh it gets plenty of attention from frozen dinners. But the microwave is capable of so much more! It has dreams -- dreams of cooking your family some real-food dinner.

Here are five super-simple and quick dinner ideas you could cook up in your microwave. No opening boxes or removing plastic film! This is fresh, from-scratch food for your family. And it's fast.

Baked potato. It takes 20 minutes or more in a conventional oven, but you can bake a potato in just ten minutes in a microwave. Just prick the potato all over, cook on high for about five minutes, flip, and cook for another five minutes. Add whatever toppings you like. You can nuke corn on the cob, too.

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Risotto. You know that luscious Italian rice you never make because it requires you to stir a hot pot forever? Apparently you can make risotto in the microwave using this recipe. I've never tried it, so I can't vouch. But it's worth a try!

Chili. If it works in a crock pot chances are it'll work in a microwave, too. This one step chili recipe takes 35 minutes. 

Lasagna. You probably wouldn't be surprised to learn there's a whole website dedicated to microwave cooking. Thank you, Internet! This one has a lot of great ideas, like this spinach lasagna.  As with regular, baked lasagna you do not have to boil the noodles first.

Turkey black bean burgers. Here's another promising recipe from Microwaverecipe.net. If you can make turkey burgers in the microwave, you could probably figure out how to make any other kinds of burgers.

And now, here's some handy microwave cooking tips from the charming Sanjeev Kapoor.

Do you ever use your microwave for real cooking?

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Anne4222 Anne4222

Microwaves are proven to cause cancer via radiation. Throw it out and you'll never be tempted again. Do you want to feed your family cancer?

mamivon2 mamivon2

I got rid of my microwave about 1 year ago.. First week was weird..

nonmember avatar HS

Anne, the sun causes cancer via radiation. Sunscreen causes cancer via chemicals...what is your solution for this?

msnel... msnellen82

Anne.. For one, microwaves are not porven to cause cancer. They have suggested there is a possible link, but they have not been able to prove it. Second, almost EVERYTHING has a "possible link" to cause cancer. The sun, the air we breathe, the water we drink, etc.

tinalr tinalr

Anne, I defy you to list one publication proving a microwave is linked causing cancer. On the other hand I am sure there are plenty of things in your home that your family has access too that may be linked to cancer. Let me guess, you don't have a cell phone either? Yeah right.

starl... starlight1968

I have cooked bacon, my taco casserole and baked potatoes to name a few.

Hun, if we threw out everything and stopped doing everything that others say causes cancer then we oughta just die right now.... You can't live your life doing everything others tell ya.  You have to make choices so go right ahead it's your choice to toss that microwave but some of us will just go on living life...

Anne4222 Anne4222

Microwaves = Radiation = Cancer

Maybe our parents didn't know better but you could either choose to educate yourself or turn a blind eye and be ignorant. You are making these choices for your children. Did every other person 20 years ago have cancer? No! Wake up people! Stop being lazy. A stovetop, oven or toaster oven even delivers the same result. Wow I bet you guys microwave in plastic containers as well....go buy a plot in a cemetery.

nikoh... nikohl_marie

@Anne you are the one that is ignorant. There are different kinds of radiation and not all radiation is harmful. Also, microwaves just heat food up, they do NOT make food radioactive. Before you start telling people they are uneducated and ignorant maybe you should do a little research yourself. And I would love to know where the "proof" is that they cause cancer. 



starr... starreyedcutie

I make baked potatos in the microwave all the time but i don't think ill be trying the other stuff

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