5 Super Easy Microwave Recipes to Get Your Family Fed Fast

spinach lasagnaYour microwave would like a little respect. Oh it gets plenty of attention from frozen dinners. But the microwave is capable of so much more! It has dreams -- dreams of cooking your family some real-food dinner.

Here are five super-simple and quick dinner ideas you could cook up in your microwave. No opening boxes or removing plastic film! This is fresh, from-scratch food for your family. And it's fast.


Baked potato. It takes 20 minutes or more in a conventional oven, but you can bake a potato in just ten minutes in a microwave. Just prick the potato all over, cook on high for about five minutes, flip, and cook for another five minutes. Add whatever toppings you like. You can nuke corn on the cob, too.

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Risotto. You know that luscious Italian rice you never make because it requires you to stir a hot pot forever? Apparently you can make risotto in the microwave using this recipe. I've never tried it, so I can't vouch. But it's worth a try!

Chili. If it works in a crock pot chances are it'll work in a microwave, too. This one step chili recipe takes 35 minutes. 

Lasagna. You probably wouldn't be surprised to learn there's a whole website dedicated to microwave cooking. Thank you, Internet! This one has a lot of great ideas, like this spinach lasagna.  As with regular, baked lasagna you do not have to boil the noodles first.

Turkey black bean burgers. Here's another promising recipe from Microwaverecipe.net. If you can make turkey burgers in the microwave, you could probably figure out how to make any other kinds of burgers.

And now, here's some handy microwave cooking tips from the charming Sanjeev Kapoor.

Do you ever use your microwave for real cooking?

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