Get Free Donuts Today -- Here's Where

dunkin donuts donutsGuess what? It's National Spoil Your Diet Day! Just kidding. But it's something similar. It's National Donut Day. While I would have thought this was something invented, oh, today to get me to eat a donut that I really do not need to eat, the tradition has actually been around since the Great Depression as a way to raise funds for The Salvation Army. The day celebrates the "donut lassies" who served coffee and -- what else? -- donuts to the soldiers during World War I. I know, enough with the history lesson, right? Time to eat the donuts!


So where to get your free donuts? Three big national donut chains, including Krispy Kreme, Tim Horton's, and Dunkin' Donuts, are participating. But some of them come with a few strings -- either you have to "like" their Facebook page or buy a beverage.

Some local donut places, like La Mar's and Shipley Do-Nuts, are also reportedly giving away donuts. You also might want to try calling up your local bakery and asking, as the Salvation Army says that many mom-n-pop small establishments are participating. (Show them this article if they don't believe you!)

Anyway, as with all hand-outs, there's just no guarantee on these things. It's "as supplies last," as they say. And "participating locations," meaning not every donut franchise is required to do it. So, I guess you take your chances, but it's worth a shot, right? Happy donut day!

Check out the donuts:


Image via ReneS/ Flickr

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