World's Best Bartender Manages to Make Juggling Look Sexy (VIDEOS)

world's best bartenderAt one point or another, I think everyone is drawn to becoming a bartender. Whether you're a misguided third grader looking to play around with cups or a broke college student dreaming up fun ways to make money, working behind the bar has a certain allure that cannot be denied. Good bartenders always seem confident, cool, and like they'd be the life of the party. But great bartenders, well, those are harder to come by.

And "great" can mean a lot of things. It can mean an intent listener who won't judge anyone crying in their Chardonnay. It can mean someone who leaves you the hell alone. And it can mean throwing glasses, bottles, mixers, and consequently, your stomach in the air as you're dazzled by juggling prowess rarely seen in the dark of night. 

There's that kind of great, and then there's this guy.


Alexander Shtifanov was just named the World's Best Bartender after wowing everyone on the hit T.V. show you've never heard of: Ukraine's Got Talent.

But what do you say we take this competition global? Let's pit Alexander Shtifanov of the Ukraine against the best bartender in the United States, Tom Cruise.

Who's got better skills?

Alexander Shtifanov on Ukraine's Got Talent:

Tom Cruise in Cocktail:

Anyone else about ready for a drink?


Photo via thisweektopvids/YouTube

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