Man Goes Taco Loco & Allegedly Drives Through Taco Bell Window

When you think about dangerous jobs, you think coal miner. Or soldier. Or seaman. But I'm going to add another dangerous career to the list: Food service worker. Customers seem to go into fast food rages on a regular basis, taking out their hunger pains on workers and the establishments themselves. Last week, two men allegedly threw bricks at a McDonald's when their burgers didn't have enough onions. The latest fast food freak-out happened at a Taco Bell in Ohio.


When a guy at the Taco Bell drive-through noticed that his order was short one taco, he supposedly did what any hungry person would do. He rammed his truck through the front door of the restaurant. Hey, maybe he had the munchies. Like really, really bad. Or maybe he's hypoglycemic, his blood sugar was out of whack, and so was his brain, and he got a little carried away. You know what the chihuahua says: Yo quiero Taco Bell!

From my experience, people can get crazy over food. When I worked as a waitress at a pizza place, customers were always screaming and demanding, "Piiiiizzzzzaaaaa!!!" No one, however, ever ran their car through the shop. I'm beginning to wonder if food rage should be right up there with road rage as a thing.

The police report that the man, Michael Smith, supposedly pulled into the Taco Bell at midnight with his girlfriend and ordered a combo meal. Once he left the drive-through and realized one of his 99-cent tacos (chalupa maybe?) was missing, he went muy loco, smashing his truck through the front window.

Smith left the scene, but you probably don't want to ram into a Taco Bell window and then drive away in a leaky truck, because cops said they followed the path of truck fluid all the way back to Smith's house. He was arrested for vandalism. But, hey, at least he wasn't hungry anymore!

The manager of the restaurant wasn't too surprised by the incident, saying, "In this business pretty much anything happens." That's because it's tacos, dude! Taaaacooooossss!!!

Have you ever turned into The Hulk over food?

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