The Dreaded 'Wedding Brunch' Is More Painful Than a Hangover

brunch mimosasAlthough the tradition is that the bride's parents pay for a wedding, more and more frequently, couples are footing the bill for their own Big Day. Unfortunately, even when that's the case, plenty of guests still expect the grand affair that only affluent parents could afford. And I'm not just talking about extravagant floral centerpieces or a decadent cocktail hour. Some people actually expect the couple to be picking up the tab on meals surrounding the wedding day -- aka a rehearsal dinner and a day-after brunch.

Now, I totally get the rehearsal dinner bit, and there are certainly ways to do that on the cheap. Plus, fewer people are usually invited (just close family and the bridal party, right?), so it can make for an easier pill to swallow. The brunch, on the other hand, adds up fast! So anyone who says the couple has to have one? I'm calling your bluff!


Look, I love brunch as much as the next mimosa fan, but it's one of the first things my fiance and I axed from our wedding budget, because we figured people can definitely track down a bite to eat the morning after on their own. Thankfully, plenty of hotels offer a complimentary breakfast. I swear, I'm not being compensated for this mention (I wish!), but I recently stayed at two Hampton Inns, both of which had a really extensive breakfast spread (DIY Belgian waffles!), making it a great spot to set up a room block for guests.

Or you might happen to have your wedding a hotel that has its own restaurant where your guests can meet you in the a.m., and you can enjoy brunch together ... on separate tabs!

And of course there's always the idea of having it at a nearby family member's house with a simple bagel or doughnut and coffee spread. But that only works if it's convenient enough, there's enough space, the family member doesn't mind, etc. And even then, depending on how many people come, it's still an extra expense.

But even if money isn't the issue, there are other drawbacks to the post-wedding brunch ... like having to say goodbye to your guests for the second or seventh! time. I mean, really, how much thanking and hugging and "farewell"-ing can you realistically do? If a brunch is in the cards for the happy newlyweds, cool, but no couple should feel obligated to feed their guests the morning after. Being that our wedding is going to be at a beach resort and the day after is Cinco de Mayo, I might just tell my guests to meet us on the beach for margaritas!

Did you have an after-wedding brunch? Do you think they're necessary?

Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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